New Tutor for Course 126, Watercolour Illustration for Children's Books. Welcome Colin Montefiore.

23/12/2020 10:42 AM

The original tutor for this course, Gabriel Evans, has fallen victim to Western Australia’s hard border closure and now can’t teach Watercolour Illustration for Children’s Books. But, we have been so fortunate to have Colin Montefiore step up to rescue us. This is his story. Colin was born and raised on a beautiful rural property in Lesmurdie, located on the outskirts of Perth in rugged hill country. Much to his parents' distress he began an art career early, drawing freely and often on the walls of his home as a child, despite their attempts to curb his more wayward artistic tendencies! Well-known West Australian artist Robert Juniper helped develop this talent in a more constructive fashion where Colin attended his art classes as a student at Guildford Grammar. During the late 1970s and early 1980s, free-spirited Colin travelled the world with just a backpack, sketchbook, trusty bicycle, keen sense of adventure and humour. Colin's cartoons and caricatures from this period are now spread all over the world. Colin then lived in Fremantle, the alternative arts hub of WA, with his wife and young children. In 1990 the family moved to a property in Albany surrounded by bushland with fantastic views. He is a member of the local art group, attending regular workshops and painting most nights in his home studio. Family holidays to beachside destinations and the spectacular north-west of Australia saw the unique landscapes of rural outback and coastal Australia become an integral part of his painting subject matter. The natural progression of cartooning, portraiture and landscape has seen Colin include the interaction of people with wildlife. Colin's art reflects how humans co-exist with wildlife in Australia's inhospitable and distinctive environment, sometimes with amusing results. Colin's ambition is to promote a positive relationship between the native wildlife of Australia and the human population, focusing on the massive impact humans have on our majestic land and its rare flora and fauna.

Watercolour Illustration for Children’s Books
Watercolour is a beautiful and expressive medium. Combined with picture book illustration it can create stunning visual narratives for personal or professional picture books. Join author and illustrator, Colin Montefiore, as he shares watercolour illustration techniques and approaches. This course will see students produce a number of small, finished artworks and provide the initial skills in book illustration. Colin will be sharing insight into developing portfolios for publishers, using social media and the working relationship with a publisher

Beginners, Intermediate, Advanced (14+ years)

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