New Course Added! Welcome to Patrizia Passerini-Ryan, Tutor in Art in a Safe & Creative Place

28/10/2020 11:06 PM

Patrizia Passerini-Ryan lives and works on a country property in the Great Southern region of Western Australia, where she practices her art process inclusive of mixed media, print making, drawing, painting, collage and photography. Patrizia is essentially a self-trained artist but has engaged in numerous studies and workshops over a period of 25 years, during which she was able to develop her love for sharing her skills. She developed her own “Art Expression Sessions” which she has presented over the past 8 years in Perth, Albany and the Northern Territory, assisting students to discover the pleasure of finding meaning in the work they make for themselves.

108B: Art in a Safe and Creative Place
During the Summer School week, Patrizia Passerini-Ryan will offer a nature-based workshop, where we will explore found, collected objects, the natural surroundings, gardens and bushland, and bring these back to the class to create works that speak to each individual, whether it be in story form, photographs, pictorial, painted, drawings or collage. The sessions will be filled with drawing, mark making, monoprint, observation and recording in your journal, using all the senses, as well as painting on canvas, building collage on paper, drawing or sketching to eventually pull together a 5-day body of work into an art journal. The focus will be to apply mindfulness to the sessions, encouraging the group to enjoy working in a safe space without too many expectations. Patrizia will commence the class with a short meditation and reading and simple drawing practice studies, before exploring the natural environment including found objects and collectables, then returning to apply this to the morning’s workshop.

Beginners, Intermediate, Advanced (18+ years)

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