Welcome Back to Renata Wright, Tutor in Watercolours

13/07/2020 01:53 PM

Painting is a fantastic way to say something without having to use words. The process for Renata Wright is the bestpart, rather than the outcome. Every time she puts brush to paper, mixes a new colour, or draws a new picture inpreparation for a painting, she is excited about the journey she is taking, and wondering with great anticipation whatshe will experience on the way. Renata’s inspiration comes from the eight-legged critters in this world –arachnids! She is fascinated by them and the homes they create, and she has chosen to study them through her art.Renata also has a “day job” - her other art love, and that is teaching watercolour classes. She lovessharing her techniques and knowledge, and students learn “normal” subjects in her classes like landscapes,seascapes, still life, flowers, animals, buildings, and so on. Her focus in class is to not only share what she knows,but to also provide an atmosphere where students can escape from the rest of the world for a while and fully immersethemselves in their imagination and creative mindsets.

Watercolour for Beginners
If you’ve always wanted to paint with watercolours but have been a bit daunted by it all, then Renata Wrightwill teach you the basics – what equipment is used, how to mix colours, choosing the right subject, creating agood composition, fixing mistakes, and creating a simple painting each day of the course. Perfect for the truebeginner.

Beginners, Intermediate (18+ years)

Painting Animals in Watercolour
During this four-day course, on day one, students will learn how to paint fur, feathers and fins, using a range oftechniques. Then Renata Wright will demonstrate how to put this knowledge to work over the next three days, paintingfrom your own picture. It will be your chance to paint your favourite pet or wildlife subject in watercolour.

Beginners. Intermediate (18+ years)

Travel Sketching with Pen & Wash
Renata Wright with teach students how to sketch a scene in front of you, avoiding unnecessary detail, using somecolour first and then adding fine detail later with the pen. Ideal for creating a memento of your travels, or you canjust use the technique for scenes closer to home.

Beginners, Intermediate (18+ years)

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