The 2020 Albany Summer School welcomes Ilona McGavick

09/04/2019 03:12 PM

Ilona McGavock is a registered osteopath, practising in Sydney and Fremantle since 1999. She commenced the practice of yoga at the age of 21 seeking relief from pain after a car accident and has since completed over 1300 hours of teacher training in Iyengar and Vinyasa styles and in yoga therapy. Qigong came into her life in 2005 while working at The Healing Point in Fremantle. Here she trained with Dr Bisong Guo. She has also trained with Master Zhenhua Yang and Dr Peter Caughey (TCM). llona teaches several classes a week at her studio in Fremantle, in the local community at the beach, in a suburban park, at Solaris cancer care, and has taught a small group of staff and patients at “April No Falls Day” (2019) at Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital. Ilona also runs her osteopathic practice in Fremantle.
Ilona brings a lifetime of personal practice, twenty years as a health professional and an intimate knowledge of anatomy and physiology to teaching and the pursuit of wellness. She has taught in Sydney, Auckland (NZ) and since 2014, in Fremantle and the local community. Ilona has a particular interest in supporting students with their unique needs, helping people to access their inner resources for better health and well-being.

Qigong Elements and Seasons
Qigong is an ancient practice of self-care based on the principles of Chinese Medicine. This course with Ilona McGavock is an introduction to movement, sound, tapping and self-massage to enhance health and wellbeing. The movements are often flowing and fun, bringing together body, breath and mind in a moving meditation. Practices will be standing, seated, and lying down. They are easy to learn and can be adapted if you have limitations of movement or energy. The focus during this course will be on developing a daily practice and understanding how practices may be adapted for different times of the day or year. The invitation is to gently challenge boundaries and discover more freedom of body, and joy of heart and mind.

Beginners, Intermediate (18+ years)

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