The 2019 Albany Summer School welcomes Richard Beavitt

05/07/2018 10:23 PM

Richard Beavitt’s introduction to the Alexander Technique arose out of his own solution to the developing stresses of being a musician as a young man. He had decided to go running on a regular basis, to get fit and at the same time avoid some of the more usual pitfalls of being a musician. In these regards, running proved to be an enjoyable success but in the process, he also developed a very sore leg! Despite some care and attention, a new stretching routine, a library of information on running, rest and a new pair of expensive running shoes his leg still refused to get any better. He suddenly found himself at the tender age of 25 having difficulty walking, or standing, for any prolonged period. At that time, he had a guitar-playing friend, a "long" person who wrapped himself around the guitar when he played, and who had had some success with lessons in the Alexander Technique in alleviating his consequent chronic back pain. So, Richard went along for some lessons with an Alexander Technique teacher and the pain in his leg miraculously disappeared! Richard has been fortunate to have taken lessons in the Alexander Technique from some excellent teachers, all of whom trained at the Constructive Teaching Centre in London under the directorship of Walter Carrington. Richard had 2 years of lessons in Leeds, first with Margaret Rakusen (Shoulder) and then with Steve Hallmark - both of whom subsequently went on to run their own training courses.

Richard started his own training to be a teacher of the Technique with Chris Stevens, who combined the rigour of a scientific background with a willingness to experiment with the Technique. He completed his training in Australia in 1992, with the teacher who had run some workshops for musicians in Leeds, Vivien Mackie. He has now been teaching the technique in Perth for 25 years and continues to do so – this has included an 8 year period at WAAPA, various series of workshops at UWA, as well as a private practice in which he has come to meet and work with a broad range of people who are seeking out the possibilities of the Technique to alleviate pain, rehabilitation following injury, or otherwise enhance their ability to move outside the confines of habit.

In this course, Richard Beavitt will introduce participants to both the ideas and experience of the Alexander Technique. The Alexander Technique is a skill which allows you to choose a more efficient and integrated way of moving in response to life; in this way it restores your ability to move well – with poise and economy of effort. It can help you address issues to do with chronic musculoskeletal pain, skill enhancement, and stress management. As well as general principles this course will look specifically at back pain, working with computers, and how to apply the technique in your life.

Beginners, Intermediate, Advanced (18+ years)

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