The 2019 Albany Summer School welcomes Neil Elliott

25/06/2018 10:57 PM

Neil Elliott was born in Adelaide in 1963 and moved to Perth with his family in 1978. He then decided to pursue a career in graphic design and studied at Perth Technical College from 1980-1982. It was here that he developed his drawing and painting skills. Always seeking to explore and expand his own boundaries, Neil trained in many fine art mediums, including, but not exclusive to, print making, photography, painting, sculpture and mixed media. These skills, coupled with his ability to merge the technical world of design with the emotive and often sensitive world of visual art, has created a style that is distinctively his. Neil's prime objective when creating is to explore and to have fun. By constantly experimenting and introducing new mediums he is able to maintain passion and excitement toward his work. His paintings are usually on board as it offers a robust surface that allows him to glue, screw, nail or rivet items to the surface. The items that are attached are usually recycled or found objects, chosen because of their texture or colour. Neil’s sculptures are usually made from found objects and display a sense of fun. He also facilitates sculpture workshops throughout Western Australia, inspiring communities to create exciting work, while at the same time rescuing materials from becoming landfill.
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Neill Elliott will be teaching basic wood and metal working techniques using repurposed and found objects so students can construct a fun, but finished sculpture. You will learn how to operate basic hand-held power tools safely, and how to apply your new skills to your sculpture in a fund environment. You are required to bring your own found objects and basic hand tools.

Beginners, Intermediate, Advanced (18+ years)

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