The 2019 Albany Summer School welcomes Mark Tupman

01/06/2018 02:59 PM

Mark Tupman is a passionate advocate of biological/ecological production. He has been actively teaching, researching and applying organics, permaculture, sustainability, biodynamics and holistic management his whole adult life. In between working as a VET horticulture lecturer, he has been involved in a number of projects throughout Western Australia and manages his own property. He combines principles from all these fields with personal experience and works with local resources to develop systems that meet social, economic and environmental needs.

Organic Gardening is all to do with the intentional cultivation of life as an environmentally friendly way to provide for our needs. Aside from being pleasant to live or work in, living landscapes can be a ready source of delicious and nutritious local food that have low input and maintenance requirements and cater for a diversity of species. Learn how to support and utilize living organisms; that is plants, animals and microbes; by developing tailored productive ecological systems to suit your situation.

Beginners, Intermediate, Advanced (17+ years)

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