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113B: Bees & Beekeeping

11 - 15 Jan: 9.30am - 12.30pm
113B: Bees & Beekeeping
This course is for those who want to know more about the fascinating biology of the honeybee and how to keep them practically in a modern langstroth hive. It is mainly aimed at beginners and people who have had a limited amount of experience in beekeeping. By completing this course, you will be awarded the required Certificate of Completion of Bees & Beekeeping course that is now required for all people keeping bees. The course with David Morrell, includes instructions on how to get started and how to extract the honey.

Beginners, Intermediate (14+ years)

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David Morrell

David Morrell
David Morrell has kept honeybees for over 50 years as an amateur beekeeper and has a degree in Science, majoring in Zoology. Over the last 10 years, David has taught conservation and land management, animal production, forestry, plant production, mathematics and beekeeping at the WA College of Agriculture in Denmark. He has taught beekeeping at Albany Summer School since 2011.


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