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412: Advanced Botanical Printing

11 - 13 Jan: 9.30am - 4.45pm
412: Advanced Botanical Printing
This course will be suitable for students who have done some eco printing but wish to improve their techniques. This class with Penny Jewell will cover printing on both protein and cellulose fabrics. Students will learn specialised mordant recipes and their interaction with tannins and other plant dyes. These techniques will show how to get clear prints with coloured backgrounds. Students will also learn how to print large pieces of fabric.

Advanced (18+ years)

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Penny Jewell

Penny Jewell
Penny Jewell has long had an interest, indeed an obsession, with plants and their usage. She is particularly interested in the colours and dyes that can be obtained from them. Penny has been experimenting with “eco printing” and botanical dyeing for many years. Over that time, she has developed and nuanced different methods to obtain good, clear botanical prints on many types of fabrics. Penny has both taught and studied botanical printing overseas, gathering knowledge of different plants and methods. Her work is sold in galleries throughout Australia.


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