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210: So, You Want to Help Our Wildlife?

13 - 15 Jan: 1.45 - 4.45pm
210: So, You Want to Help Our Wildlife?
Every day, millions of wild animals, birds, mammals and reptiles die because of human negligence and wilful cruelty. Collisions with cars, predation by cats and dogs, flying into windows, falling out of nests during pruning and logging, shootings, ingestion of poisons and plastics, entanglement in fruit tree nets, fishing line and garden twine, to name a few. The list is long, but everyone in the community can help these creatures by learning how to prevent the situations that cause these disasters and what to do when you find victims in trouble. This course is co-ordinated by Veterinary Nurse educator and Wildlife Rehabilitator, Ruth Haight, and presented by members of Born Free Wildlife Carers.

Beginners (18+ years)

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Ruth Haight

Ruth Haight
Ruth Haight has a long and distinguished career as a Veterinary Nurse educator and presenter in Victoria and Western Australia. She has worked in wildlife rehabilitation since 1985 and has taught many aspects of animal husbandry in numerous institutions. She has published many articles relating to wildlife rehabilitation and now lives in Albany where she is a member and mentor of Born Free Wildlife Carers. Other specialist presenters will include wild bird rehabilitator, Annette Grant, seabird specialist Carol Biddulph, Andrea White (veterinary services and wildlife), Emma Fairley (reptiles) and Claire Pragnell (Kangaroo joeys). All have received training in rescue, rehabilitation and release of wildlife and are also members of Born Free.


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