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131: Death for Beginners

11 - 15 Jan: 9.30am - 12.30pm
131: Death for Beginners

Death, dying and loss are experienced by us all, but how well prepared are we? This “Death for Beginners” program brings together speakers on end-of-life topics such as …

What does a good death look like?
How can you help children deal with grief?
What legal and medical documents do we need to put in place to help us and our families at end of life?
What choices do you have when planning a funeral?
How do you have these (often difficult) conversations with your loved ones?

By opening the conversation, we can start to address our fears about end of life. Sonya Coleman from the Albany Community Hospice and a group of highly experienced professionals will start the conversation.

Beginners (18+ years)

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Unfortunately this course has been cancelled

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