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125: Enjoy Walking and Running with Ease

11 - 15 Jan: 9,30am - 12.30pm
125: Enjoy Walking and Running with Ease
Maintaining the ability to move, at any age, is a primary indicator for continued good physical and mental health. Walking and running are inherent patterns of movement for humans, easy forms of exercise, and also social activities. However, a commitment to maintain some form of exercise in a generally sedentary lifestyle can lead to injury. Continued pain diminishes our ability and desire to walk and run in any sustainable way. This course with Richard Beavitt and Annie Robinson will show you how to bring more awareness to walking and running and hence maintain them as enjoyable, pain free activities that you can adapt to the changing circumstances of your life.

Beginners, Intermediate, Advanced (16+ years)

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Richard Beavitt & Annie Robinson

Richard Beavitt & Annie Robinson

Richard Beavitt begun running as an antidote to the stresses of being a professional musician – whilst this was to a degree successful, it also led to a series of leg injuries which were the beginning of his journey to becoming a teacher of the Alexander Technique. Alongside a 30 year long, and continuing, practice of the martial art of aikido, walking and running have returned to his life as more durable forms of ‘staying moving’. At this point, being able to continue to enjoy running and bushwalking is largely dependent on the awareness that the Alexander Technique brings to the practice of these activities.

Annie Robinson has been teaching and practicing the Alexander Technique for nearly 30 years.  In that time she has usefully applied the technique to bush walking, dog walking, running, swimming, tai chi, creative dance, singing and yoga.  It has remained the most important skill she has for keeping moving, staying fit and recovering from injury. Annie trained to be an Alexander teacher in Melbourne from 1990-92 and has taught in private practice in Perth since 1993.



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