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117: Mahjong: Strategies and Rules for Beginners

4 - 8 Jan: 9.30am - 12.30pm
117: Mahjong: Strategies and Rules for Beginners
This course with Patti Locke, is an introduction to Mahjong, that will give participants an understanding of the rules, strategies and scoring. Plus, you will learn how to play the game for pleasure whatever your age! So, bring a friend or two along to learn this fascinating game and you will all be able to enjoy many hours together.

Beginners (18+ years)

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Patti Locke

Patti Locke

Patti Locke has been playing Mahjong for 10 years and in recent years has taught at all levels and ages. These experiences have greatly enhanced her knowledge of the game and her ability to pass on the rules to others including how to set up a group and how to play Mahjong for pleasure.



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