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111: Yin Yoga with Restorative Elements

4 - 8 Jan: 9.30am - 12.30pm
111: Yin Yoga with Restorative Elements
Yin Yoga is powerful tool of regeneration that helps to regain mobility - especially in the joints, bring space and hydration to a tight and stiff body, as well as increase vitality and energy levels. As Patricia Roux shows, more broadly, Yin provides tools to unwind, soothe our nervous system from the very active pace of modern lifestyle, and allows you to let go of deep layers of hidden stress. During this course you will learn beneficial postures as well as simple mindfulness tools to support you in a healthy lifestyle.

Beginners, Intermediate (18+ years)

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Patricia Roux

Patricia Roux
Patricia Roux has been teaching yoga since 2008 in France, Switzerland, Indonesia and Australia. Passionate about the practice, she seeks to provide a platform in which students are encouraged to increase their sense of body awareness as well as the capacity for introspection. Her classes are an opportunity to learn simple keys for a healthy and balanced life, through a clean-cut and mindful approach. Patricia has a Masters degree in Sociology, a Postgraduate Diploma in Asian Studies and a Bachelor degree in Psychology. Originally from Switzerland, she is based with her family in Western Australia, where she provides hatha yoga, meditation and yin yoga classes.


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