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107: Writing Books for Children and Young People

4 - 8 Jan: 9.30am - 12.30pm
107: Writing Books for Children and Young People
This course will help you begin writing or polishing the children’s books you have always wanted to write. Norman Jorgensen will unleash the creativity lurking at our fingertips and begin crafting a manuscript that will appeal to young readers. He will work with you while you create memorable heroes and villains, interesting backgrounds and exciting or moving plots. He will share the publishing industry’s unspoken requirements for getting a manuscript ready for submission, and share his experience in getting books completed, edited, published, distributed, publicised, and, finally, sold to excited young readers, hopefully, in the thousands.

Beginners, Intermediate, Advanced (14+ years)

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Norman Jorgensen

Norman Jorgensen
“I can’t believe it. My mother has gone and sold me! Sold me to the most notorious sea captain ever to sail the wild west coast.” And so begins The Smuggler’s Curse, Norman Jorgensen’s thrilling, award-winning historical novel set in Broome in 1897. Norman may have the body of an ageing historical novelist but often taps directly into the mind of his adolescent 12-year-old self, writing successfully for Australian kids just like himself. No humour or thrilling adventures are spared as his fictional characters do battle with pirates, killer storms, ruthless pearlers and monstrous sharks off the Western Australian coast. Norman has written sixteen children’s and YA books. His historical titles, In Flanders Fields, Jack's Island, The Last Viking and The Smuggler’s Curse have sold thousands of copies and won many prizes including children’s choice awards. His whole working life has been about books, having owned a children’s bookshop, worked as a publisher's agent and sold books to schools and libraries.
He is a founding member of the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators here in WA, has mentored and helped a great many young writers to publication and been asked to launch over twenty books. He is also a popular and entertaining speaker at festivals and in schools having conducted over a hundred workshops in 2019. With most of his books having historical settings, he is extremely experienced at researching events in Australian history, and while young readers now demand the full technicolour, blood n’ guts version, he still believes classic story-telling laced with humour and vivid descriptions can usually overcome the most reluctant of readers of any age. Norman has a long list of awards and prizes he has won, too numerous to include here.


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