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105: Managing Back and Neck Pain

4 - 8 Jan: 9.30am - 12.30pm
105: Managing Back and Neck Pain
Back pain registers high in statistical measures ( for those conditions that affect Australians throughout their lives. The Alexander Technique has acquired a reputation as a successful approach to frequently unresolvable musculo-skeletal pain. Bringing awareness to the way we habitually move is key to lowering the occurrence, frequency, and level of back pain. In this course Richard Beavitt aims to help you lower your current level of pain and begin the process of increasing your awareness of what constitutes useful, integrated, and responsive movement. You will learn how to choose more efficient ways of moving, those that help you maintain optimum levels of balance, alignment and muscle tension throughout your system.

Beginners, Intermediate, Advanced (16+ years)

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Richard Beavitt

Richard Beavitt
Richard Beavitt (STAT, M.AUSTAT) has been teaching the Alexander Technique for 27 years in Perth and has helped people from all walks of life deal with their chronic pain. This has included an 8 year period at WAAPA, numerous workshops for musicians at UWA, work in corporate environments, as well as maintaining a private practice which has involved work with a large number of individuals injured in industrial work environments. He has assisted a broad range of people who are seeking out the possibilities of the Technique to alleviate pain, rehabilitation following injury, or otherwise enhance their ability to move and respond in skilful ways. He started his own training to be a teacher of the Technique in 1988 with Chris Stevens, who combined the rigour of a scientific background with a willingness to experiment with the Technique, and completed his training, in Australia, in 1992 with Vivien Mackie.



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