415: Advanced Botanical Printing

Lift your eco dyeing to another level with Penny Jewell. This is a course for those with previous experience of botanical printing.

The emphasis is mostly on how to successfully print botanical images on cellulose fabrics, particularly exploring the interaction of natural dyes with eco printing, especially madder, indigo, cutch and tannins made from local eucalypts and acacias.

Course Code: 415

Time: 9.30am – 4:45pm

Dates: Monday 10th  – Wednesday 12th Jan

Cost: $280

Suitable For: Advanced

Ages: 18+

Renata Wright

Penny Jewell

Penny Jewell has had an ongoing, all-consuming obsession with both plants and textiles for several decades. Her main interest is in exploring the possibilities of using plants as a dye source. She is particularly interested in the dye potential of Australian flora as most of the local plants have never been tested for their colours.

Her work is sold in many Australian galleries. She has been teaching her dye techniques for several years and she has both studied and taught overseas, although since Covid her overseas classes have been restricted to zoom.