408: Aboriginal Heritage Tour

This course is a full day tour to Bulla Meil (Bluff Knoll) led by Vernice Gillies, stopping at specific sites
along the way to hear stories and explore this ancient land.

The course will also include a
demonstration of ancient tool-making and will be a hands-on course where participants will also be
able to handle ancient artefacts lead by Archaeologist/Anthropologist Robert Reynolds.

Course Code: 408

Time: 9am – 4.30pm

Dates: Saturday 8th Jan

Cost: $200 (includes bus transport)

Suitable For: Beginners, Intermediate

Ages: 14+

albany summer school

Vernice Gillies

Vernice Gillies is a local Menang Elder with a lifelong passion for the preservation of her heritage and local cultural traditions.

She welcomes the chance to share it with the broader community and encouraging Noongar youth to take pride in this unique heritage. She has held a number of jobs in the public sector including Education Officer with the Albany Branch of the WA Museum and is now a Director of the Kurrah Mia Art Shop and Cultural tours.

She will lead the Aboriginal heritage courses which will be co-presented with other Local Elders.