402: Clay Sculpture (Outdoors or Indoors)

This is a great introduction to making sculpture with clay.  Natalie Zuchetti will have some inspirations to share, or you might have your own idea – either way you will create original artwork for your home, garden, or gift. 

Learn about the clay hand building techniques through demonstration and practice including coiling, slab building, solid form modelling, as well as non-fireable surface techniques. Be guided by Natalie through the right techniques for building the sculpture you want to make.

Course Code: 402

Times & Dates: 9.30am – 4:30pm Monday 8th & 9.30am –  12.30pm Tuesday 9th 

Cost: $200

Suitable For: Beginners, Intermediate & Advanced

Ages: 18+

Renata Wright

Natalie Zuchetti

Natalie didn’t find Art, Art found her…
Natalie Zuchetti is a professional, practicing artist and art educator. Natalie’s connection with art started around the age of five as a result of watching her mother create and accompany her mother to art classes.

Natalie’s work is predominately the human body and she draws her inspiration from the female figure. She works with various mediums – oil painting, sculpture, mosaics and pursuing just about anything that challengers her aesthetics and inventive spirit, to create a wondrous world of exploration, creativity and discovery of all that is artistic.

In recent years Natalie has connected her work within the community and cultural development. Following her passion, Natalie has been fortunate to receive community art projects with local and regional shires. Artist in Residences can take Natalie throughout Western Australia and she recently received Lead Artist for the Pilbara.

Natalie is a member of Community Arts Network (CAN), Mosaic Australia and New Zealand (MAANZ), Awesome Arts and Artsource. Natalie has exhibited at Houghton Winery Swan Valley, Fremantle Arts Centre and Moore’s Building, Fremantle.