208: It is not too late to live some dreams – What has stopped you up until now?

I always wanted to …….. but then I needed to work, support my partner, have kids, raise a family, look after the grandkids, wash the dog, re-organise my cupboards, etc, etc etc. .

What are some of the things you dreamed of doing?

What were the elements of these dreams that appealed? 

What were the barriers? 

These two half days with Deb Reveley are workshopped to give you time to reflect, to share, to dissect, to refresh and reboot.  It is designed to be fun and supportive but useful food for thought…  Come and join this tribe of dreamers who might not be done and dusted just yet!

Course Code:  208

Time: 1:45pm – 4:45pm

Dates: Monday 10th & Tuesday 11th Jan

Cost: $150

Suitable For: Beginners

Ages: 18+

Renata Wright

Deb Revely

Deb Reveley is the CEO and principal driver of Brain Ambulance Pty Ltd, a business she started in 2004 to deliver mental health education from the lived experience.

She has endured mental health problems since she was 25 and at 32 became house bound for 2 years with agoraphobia. During her more manic moments, Deb has owned a bookshop, a book café, a catering business and popped out from the psych ward for the day to run mental health training.  

As a well person now, Deb is able to reflect on past experience and present courses that are relevant, informative and fun. Most importantly they give participants a chance to reflect for themselves about how they are currently dealing with this COVID life and the challenges it brings; how have our plans been impacted and are our dreams still possible? Spending so much time at home we have started to realise how many ‘things’ we have around us.  Deb has had experience recently helping friends declutter their homes and deal with letting go. Not easy for any of us.

By the end of these courses, you will have laughed, learnt and developed skills to help you cope with these turbulent times in a supportive and humorous group.