133: Writing with Robots – How to Use AI

Thanks to generative AI, there is a revolution in the writing world. While some writers are wondering whether software like ChatGPT will replace them, others are using AI to make their work easier.

Remember the days of carbon copies and tippex? Who can now imagine the work of the writer without computers? And there’s no going back. If AI doesn’t replace writers, it’s clear that those who use AI will replace those who don’t.

In this course you’ll learn how to start using AI in your own writing – whatever you want to write. You might be surprised by the results.

Course Code:  133

Time: 9.30am – 12.30pm

Dates: Monday 15th Jan – Friday 19th Jan

Cost: $250

Suitable For: Beginners, Intermediate & Advanced

Ages: 16+

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Alan Hancock

Alan Hancock is an academic, educator, writer and theatre director. He has taught creative writing at Murdoch University, Curtin University and ECU, and has run community workshops in writing throughout WA for the last twenty years.

His scripts have been produced by the BBC and ABC, while his short fiction has won awards and been published in Australia, the UK, and online. He is now working with an illustrator to create a graphic novel series, and also performs his ‘Stand-up Storytelling for Grown-ups’ in Perth and the South West.

Alan has an interest in the application of AI to the work of writers and visual artists. While he uses AI as a writing tool, he is more than a little concerned by the way it is developing. You can find details of his work at alan-hancock.com.