126: Start Writing Your Memoir

Do you aspire to write a memoir but don’t know how to start? Through teaching and exercises you’ll learn what makes a good memoir and how to start writing your own.

The course with Rosemary Argue will cover themes, how to get the words down in a first draft and avoiding writer’s block. Next, redrafting and editing will be covered, finishing up with a brief overview of publication options.

Course Code: 126

Time: 9.30am – 12.30pm

Dates: Monday 15th  – Wednesday 17th Jan

Cost: $150

Suitable For: Beginners

Ages: 18+

Renata Wright

Rosemary Argue

Rosemary Argue is an emerging author and writes Australian historical fiction. Her work often develops out place – historical places or the natural environment. She is currently working on a second young adult novel, Borderland, set on the southern coastline of Australia, in part in the South-West, while her first manuscript, Quod Island, is temporarily relegated to the backburner.

Rosemary has had several short stories published. English is her second language which means she grew up with a foot in two cultures and this gives her a different perspective of the world: that the most obvious view is not the only one. She gives voice to the less obvious, whether that is from a non-east coast perspective, a cultural minority or some ‘other’ perspective.

Rosemary loves to read, and where a story can take her: into the past, into the future, into someone else’s mind, into a foreign place she’ll never get to visit. Through her writing she tries to take readers to events, places and into ways of being they haven’t experienced before.

She believes writing is 1% talent and 99% perspiration, and if someone wants to write, with a few tools and encouragement, they can bring to life stories that they are passionate about – and Rosemary can help with this.