112: Shibashi Mindful Movement

Shibashi Chi-Kung is part of the large lexicon of movement that makes up the practice of Chi-Kung. It is a relatively recent and simple ‘form’ – consisting of 18 ‘moves’ – that can be learnt by anyone able to stand and move a little on two feet!

The fundamental patterns of our daily, human movement are contained in this form. The aim of this course led by Richard Beavitt is to learn the 18 step Shibashi as something you can use to continually develop your sense of balance as well as maintain appropriate levels of elasticity in your body.

The key is to use the Shibashi to bring awareness to the way you move. The regular practice of this awareness brings ongoing health benefits at both a physical and mental level.

Course Code: 112

Time: 9:30am – 12:30pm

Dates: Tuesday 4th Jan – Friday 7th Jan

Cost: $250

Suitable For: Beginners

For ages: 18+

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Richard Beavitt

Richard Beavitt has been a student of the martial art of Aikido for over 35 years and a teacher of the Alexander Technique for nearly as long. Both these disciplines essentially concern our reaction to the ‘demand to move’; he brings the combined learning and experience from both to his teaching of the Shibashi form in this course. His practice as a teacher of the Alexander Technique has involved him in helping people to deal with a wide range of both musculo-skeletal and stress related problems. Aikido remains a life practice that touches on matters of conflict, non-violence, and reaction/response to stress.