The Albany Summer School Welcomes Jenny Wilson

18/09/2017 12:33 PM

Jenny Wilson has a background of long-time participation in musical productions and concerts and as musical director of choirs. Getting people singing in harmony together is a particular strength of this tutor who uses singing to improve physical and emotional wellbeing and to enhance learning and social interaction. Jenny is currently the Denmark Senior Citizen of the Year for her work with Eklektika (Denmark’s community choir).

Experience the joy and healing benefits of community singing. Feel every cell of your body vibrating as you sing in harmony with others. With Jenny Wilson you will have fun learning warm-up techniques, vocal training and a wide range of songs from a variety of cultures and genres. From anthems to African, folk to funk, from reggae to rock and ballads to baroque, and even some Georgian, you will enjoy music’s magic. Whether you’re a confident singer or a beginner, whether you read music or not, you’ll become part of something beautiful. Gain confidence in your own voice and walk away feeling up lifted after every session.

Beginners, Intermediate (18+ years)

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