The Albany Summer School Welcomes Dr Alan Hancock

16/08/2017 11:41 AM

Dr Alan Hancock is an educator, writer, consultant and facilitator. His stories and scripts have been broadcast by the ABC and BBC and published in magazines and journals world-wide. His short fiction and plays have won prizes, while his work with writing groups, universities, government bodies and business organisations has drawn praise and brought him a long list of testimonials. He has been teaching his freeflow approach to writing for over a decade and has helped many writers see their work through to completion. He is a coach and trainer in professional communication skills and works as an advisor to help organisations write and edit their websites. You can find out more at

WRITING FROM LIFE - how to turn experience and memory into a story
Do you have a life-story you’d like to write – your own, family, or something else? This course will show you how to get it all down on the page. You’ll find out how to use memory, imagination and research to create a story that holds a reader. It could be a biography, personal memoir, family history, or piece of fiction based on life. Because facts alone cannot make a life story, you’ll learn how to engage with the material at a deeper level, where intuition and emotion bring the words to life. We’ll get to grips with style, structure, characterisation and plot. We’ll learn from the work of top authors who have written life stories, and see what they have to say about writing them. In this course Dr Alan Hancock will show you how your story can lead you on a journey of discovery into writing. It will be hands-on, practical, and fun.

Beginners, Intermediate, Advanced (18+ years)

121: HOW TO EDIT YOUR WRITING – a practical approach
Whether it’s life story, non-fiction, fiction, or biography, the editing process starts the same way: you put yourself in the reader’s place. In this course, you’ll learn the golden rules of editing, and how to apply them to your own work. Together with Dr Alan Hancock you’ll cover the essentials, like how to decide what needs cutting, and what can be expanded. We’ll also look at structure and theme, under-writing and over-writing. And on the way, you’ll find out about sentence structure and the basics of grammar and punctuation. You’ll get to know the work of some top writers — Margaret Attwood, Helen Garner, Alain de Botton, Bill Bryson and others — and find out how they put their work together. There will also be plenty of hands-on exercises to help you put the ideas into practice.

Beginners, Intermediate, Advanced (18+ years)

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